Our Story

Good Vibes Bake Shop came to life after 2 decades of late-night chats about life goals and dream futures. Even in our teens, we knew that we were supposed to build something together. Over the years, work and families and life took over. As time went on, we continued to watch the world around us becoming meaner and more divided.

Then Covid hit and the world stopped. In that moment we were all left with the question of how to even begin building a bridge back towards unity. But really, it all seems so simple. The great unifiers in life are music and food. Since neither of us can sing, but we can bake cookies that make you want to slap your granny, the path was clear. (please...no slapping grannies!) 

We started this company because regardless of who you are, where you come from, what you believe, how much money you have, who you voted for, what color your skin is, or who you love...we are all happier when we're eating something sweet.

Maybe we can start building that bridge and focusing on how we are the same, one yummy bite at a time. Even if we never get there, we will know that we have done everything in our power to make our little corner of the universe a kinder place.  Remember, life is ALWAYS better with Good Vibes and a sprinkle of sugar!!

Much Love, 

Amy & Cayla


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